The Dogfather (Movies feathuring dyslexia)

This movie is from 2001
Leonard gives it 2.5 stars
Leonard says this movie is part old-fashioned silver screen romance and part boys' adventure. It won an Oscar for sound editing. The R-rated director's cut runs 184 minutes.
He lists 18 names
(the names are listed from the bottom up)
18. Jennifer Garner
17. Scott Wilson
16. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
15. Catherine Kellner
14. Nichael Shannon
13. William Lee Scott
12. Ewen Bremner
11. James King
10. Colm Feore
9. Dan Aykroyd
8. Tom Sizemore
7. Mako
6. Jon Voight
5. Alec Baldwin
4. Cuba Gooding Jr.
3. Kate Beckinsale
2. Josh Hartnett
1. Ben Affleck
The name of the movie is Pearl Harbor